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Brazil is a federal state governed by three arms of government, the Executive, the Legislature, and the Judiciary. The legislature formulates and passes laws while the executive approves and implement those rules. Conversely, the judiciary is the custodian of law, meaning it is responsible for interpreting the law. Brazil anchors all its regulations in the Federal Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land. Brazil passed and promulgated its Federal Constitution 29 years ago. The mandate of operating the judiciary rests with the judges who are appointed from the most experienced attorneys in the land.

While Brazil anchors its laws in the supreme law of the land, the Federal Constitution, it is completed by several other legal documents. These documents include the Costume Defense Code, the Civil Code, the Commercial Code, and the Criminal Suit Code. Brazil applies all these codes in compliance with the supreme law of the land, the Federal Constitution. Brazil’s Federal Constitution subdivides the nation into small units of administration referred to as the Federal States. The constitution allows these states to formulate their laws, but they must abide by the provisions of the Federal Constitution.

Lawyers are the only legal experts recognized by the Brazilian legal practice. In an initiative geared towards strengthening Brazil’s legal practice, the government has embarked on building new law schools across the country. Upon graduating with degrees in law from the universities, students must attend the law schools. It is only after acquiring the necessary certification and qualification that one can qualify to practice law in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho features as one of Brazil’s most experienced lawyers. He started practice about 26 years ago upon receiving his Law degree from Mackenzie Presbyterian University and acquiring necessary certifications from Brazil’s Bar Association. Ricardo Tosto has built himself an impressive profile in the Brazilian legal practice. His clientele base includes government agencies and NGOs from around the world. Ricardo Tosto is one of the most experienced litigants in his law firm, Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados. Lawyers practicing under the firm attribute their success to Ricardo Tosto’s hard work and determination.

More people are coming into the limelight for their success. One such person is Hussain Sajwani, the Chairman and founder of DAMAC Properties. So did he start out there? No. He was a contracts manager at GASCO before branching out to open up his own company. He started out with offering catering services. His services extended to the US Army.



Sajwani has found a slot on Forbe’s list of the World’s Richest Arabs of 2017. He has an estimated $4.9 billion under his name. His entrepreneurial roots trace back to his father who was a businessman who had a shop where he sold watches and imported stuff from China.



He attended the University of Washington under a government scholarship and later graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. At GASCO, he worked in the finance department.



After his catering company, which was later named Global Logistics Services, he founded DAMAC Properties whose main interest was developing any viable property. The company has been able to develop over 15,000 apartments so far. The Dubai Financial Market publicly listed the company in 2015.



Hussain has been on the forefront of ensuring that the company continues to grow and get exciting projects. One of the high-profile projects is the Trump International Golf Course Dubai which was opened in February 2017. The Sajwani family is well known for its close ties to Trump family as they also have an upcoming project which is designed by Tiger Woods and is slated to open in late 2018.



The DAMAC owner has branded his company in a way that they are known for luxurious villas. The luxury apartments’ interiors have a touch of well-known fashion houses such as Versace to bring out a breath-taking outlook.



DAMAC has gradually grown, and its headquarters are in Dubai. The company has gone ahead to venture out of the Emirates to places like London. Hussain has also gained recognition from Gulf Business where he was among the top 100 most influential Arabs Globally in 2017.



Some successful businessmen may forget to give back to the community, but Hussain has not. He is involved in philanthropic activities where he has invested in the youth through organizations that provide support programs.


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Waiakea Water is bottled water, but it’s not like every other bottle of water on the market. Waiakea water uses packaging that is renewable, and sustainable. It is the first bottled “water beverage in the world to be certified CarbonNeutral (R)”. They use packaging that is made out of 100 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate. It uses 85 percent less energy to produce versus regular water bottles. Waiakea Water provides hydration, and a lower carbon footprint than the other bottled water companies leave behind. Waiakea Water has the first patent in the United States for creating a plastic water bottle that is degradable. The new feature on Waiakea Water bottles is that it can disintegrate at 98 percent.

Ryan Emmons CEO of Waiakea gained his success by his water. His company is switching to the new water bottle that takes 15 years to decompose compared to 1,500 years rate of regular plastic. His water bottle is also 100 percent recyclable. TimePlast is the additive used in making the plastic. This is why the bottles are decomposable. Scientists had to look at packaging in a new light to create this amazing bottle, while making it feel like regular plastic.

The water inside the bottle of Waiakea is as amazing as the bottle itself. Ryan Emmons is the founder of Waiakea realized that his family was accessing one of the most pure healthy, and naturally sustainable water in the world. It’s a blessing that he would make the water available to others. The water is sourced in Hawaii outside of the town Hilo. The Earth filters the water through the volcano of Mauna Loa. Because the water is filtered naturally by the volcano it contains natural minerals, and has a perfect pH balance. The water has a soft texture thanks to the content of natural silica. Waiakea doesn’t only provide hydration, it also provides health benefits with its pH balance between 7.8 and 8.8. These benefits includes helping the bodies detoxification process, and neutralizing the pH levels in the human body.

The path to becoming a lawyer is long and difficult. Going through law school can take up to six years. Additionally, law schools teach only the basics of law. They do not teach students on the realities that they will face in the legal world.

Karl Heideck, a lawyer based in Philadelphia, has some pointers that should be useful for an aspiring lawyers who are in law school.

The first thing a student in law school should do is check the requirements needed for the states where one intends to practice law in. Each states has its own requirements that must be met for one to practice law in that state. For example California requires one to pass the California Bar Exam, the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination and a pass or exemption for the First Year Law Students Exam. However if you intend to practice law in New York, one must do an essay and the multistate bar exam. Heideck advises student’s to research on all requirements needed for their state.

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The second pointer that is extremely important is that of networking. Students must ensure that they have made connections with practicing lawyers, teachers and their fellow students. After leaving school they must ensure they are in position to leverage the connections they made while still in school. Heideck advises one to ensure they interact with their connections face to face. This ensures that one is not forgotten and strengthens the significance of the relationship.

Karl Heideck is a lawyer based in the Philadelphia area. As of September, 2017 he is a team leader at Beacon Hill Staffing Group where he reviews various legal projects. Prior to working at Beacon Hill, Karl was a Project Attorney at Pepper Hamilton and a contract attorney at Hire Counsel. Heideck obtained his Law Degree from Temple University. He also has BA in English from Swarthmore College. Karl is an active and tech savvy lawyer. He writes blogs where advises new lawyers on what it takes to be successful in the law industry. He also offers analysis on important court rulings affecting the greater Philadelphia area.

Mike Baur recently gave insight into raising young entrepreneurs, and what parents need to know. Baur is co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, a Zurich-based think tank that takes novice entrepreneurs and shapes them and their innovative ideas into the next big thing.


According to Mike Baur, as a parent, you inspire entrepreneurship by boosting emotional skills that children will need, such as the convenience of taking risks, effective problem solving. “Emotional and social skills are very important, as well as a positive attitude towards failure,” says Baur. “This will help shape a child’s behavior.”


Here are three tips to boost your child’s entrepreneurial calling;


  1. Promote Effective Problem-solving


When a problem arises in the life of your child, brainstorm ideas to find a solution together. Assist kids with identifying problems, and lead them to consider several scenarios and solutions. They should learn to consider all sides of a situation, and then select the best option.


  1. Help Kids Learn From Failure


One essential tool for entrepreneurs is to try, try again. Influence your child to try and if they face failure, learn and try again. Baur says to remember that criticism is an opportunity to point out flaws and help your child brainstorm how to modify and resolve the issues. Children must learn how to handle criticism and find the positive message.


  1. Let Them Make Decisions


“Expose kids to what it feels like to make a decision and they will feel good about it,” says Baur. This will develop early independence, but limit their options, and as they grow give them more choices so they will become confident in major decision-making.


  1. Boost Their Sense of Mastery


Entrepreneurs take big risks, but feel comfortable doing so, and this does not happen overnight. Children need freedom to test their limits, and master their fears. When a child is faced with a risky situation, give as much help as needed, then slowly transition so they can gain independence.


  1. Challenge the Status Quo


We grow up learning to follow rules, unfortunately, this practice hinders entrepreneurship. Baur says, a great alternative is teaching kids to challenge the norm and seek what other innovative paths they could take and why.


Baur’s Zurich-based startup, the Swiss Startup Factory, mentors upcoming entrepreneurs on all matters to jump start their business. With a successful track record, Mike Baur prides himself on helping young innovative minds grow their businesses and see their dreams transform from ideas into successful ventures.


OSI Group, LLC is a well-established food processing company that is involved in the production and selling of protein items as well as other food products to retail brands and foodservice. The food products from this company are meant for breakfast and lunch, side dishes, desserts, entrees, and snacks. Some of its most common products breakfast sausages, cooked beef, bacon, hot dogs, pork products, processed and raw chicken products, specialty sausages, and pizza among others.

Up to the year 2004, OSI Group, LLC was called OSI Industries, Inc. This company has a history that spans over a century having been founded in 1909. It has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois but the zonal offices are spread across various continents from the Americas to Europe all the way to the Asia Pacific. The manufacturing facilities of OSI Group are found in different countries across the world.

Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group, is a well-known figure in this company having worked here for over 40 years. In the 1970s, he was very instrumental to this company’s growth and tremendous success that it did experience. Lavin became a third partner in this company in the 1970s, and later on a half partner after buying his brother’s interest. When his second brother retired from the company, Mr. Lavin gained full voting control of OSI Group.

About 20 years ago, OSI Group ventured into China. Currently, it runs eight factories, and two other facilities are being set up so that this company is set to become the single-largest producer of poultry in this country. In September 2012, OSI invested in a mega-plant in Henan province, and this plant is for further processing. In China, OSI’s major clients include Yum, Saizeriya, McDonald’s, Subway, Starbucks, Burger King and Papa John’s.

As recently as December 2016, OSI Group bought Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe has for a long time been known to its clients as the best supplier of sous vide equipment, Oliver James pies and frozen poultry across the UK. It is also loved by many for its high-quality sauces, dressings, and mayonnaise.

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An Impressive Future In the Financial World

Money is a fast moving entity in the walls of “The Street.” It comes and goes, and as it does, the financial players called investors seek to retain as much as they can before the funds once again goes. This is a never-ending cycle and also a way of life. Few people are as good at retaining the cash as George Soros is and for this reason do we bring him to mind today.We honor the ability to invest and then beat the market as if a God-given right. When you compare the challenges that many on Wall Street have and model them against the success of Mr. Soros, much of it will make you wonder. What makes one man stand out from the crowd when others can’t?

Is work in Wall Street fixed or impossible?How does George predict the outcome of something unpredictable? The world may never know for sure. Yet, there’s one thing very clear in our eyes. George Soros will continue to beat the markets every year, in and out. He will continue to defy the odds and inspire us all. As he does, he will even give back and to causes the world actually needs.There’s nothing short of amazing when regarding George Soros and what he provides to society. That addition to the lives we live is not just a financial legacy. It’s a standing moral obligation that George Soros feels is right for his place in the world and those who will be impacted by his actions.Fast Money.

But let’s not pretend that the money isn’t worth it.There’s a lot of money to be exact, and no one likely knows the precise amount. The one thing we do know is that it flows “like a land of milk and honey” for the Soros family. The entire career success of George Soros who has had led to him also creating a mutual fund whose accomplishments go down in history.Though George is now retired from managing the fund, he still offers his son, which is the investor who now manages it, perfect advice when the times are right. So let us put into perspective what’s possible and just how much money we could also make had we the desire and drive to achieve it.

Are you interested in starting your own business? Do you have a passion for something that you are willing to put a lot of time and energy into? If you have a passion for something, you can make money doing it. Actually, you can make a lot of money doing it. It takes a lot of patience. Sometimes it’s not lucrative in the beginning and money it tight but if you stick to it and give it your all you can be successful. Learn more:


That is exactly what Doe Deere did. She started a business, stuck with it, and now she is an entrepreneur. She is the owner and operator of a company called Lime Crime. She took her passion for makeup and turned it into a money making operation. Her makeup is vegan and cruelty-free, so no animals get used or tested in the making of her makeup. She sells every kind of makeup you can think of, from nail polish to blush. Learn more:


She credits her success to careful planning. She has three things to consider before you start a business. They are finances, business plan, and passion. These three things are the center of getting your business off the ground.


Finances are very important, in that, it takes money to make money. When starting a business you need to expect that you will put money into it without initially turning a profit.


A business plan is necessary in general so that you will have an idea of what you need and what everything will cost. Banks require you to have a business plan in order to evaluate whether or not your business is worth investing in. It is good to have the plan down to even the smallest things you will need, such as pencils, pens or anything else that you will need so that there are no surprises. Learn more:


Lastly, your passion is probably the most important of all of these steps. You will need to be able to work hours upon hours, not really making any money. Your drive will determine if you will make it or not. If you put everything you’ve got into the business and believe in what you are doing you will likely succeed. You are going to have those nay sayers and those people who say you are crazy for pursuing your dream. Do not let these people who don’t believe in you take down your dreams. Learn more:


Started in 1970, Otto & Sons, now OSI Group has gained worldwide recognition in the meat processing industry with Sheldon Lavin at the helm. This year, the CEO of OSI was recognized with the Global Visionary Award in 2016. Lavin is a seasoned professional in the meat and food processing industry and in a recent interview stated that he was humbled by this recognition. India’s World Vision Academy chose Lavin for his leadership abilities and the culture that he has been able to foster at OSI Group.

In addition to being a global success in food product and meat processing industries, OSI Group is known for its family-like culture that has been the result of CEO Sheldon Lavin’s approach to running the firm. When Lavin took over the helm of OSI it was a modest and small meat processing company with very little reach. Today, the OSI Group is a global success story with more than 60 locations within 16 countries. This growth is due to the hard work and diligence of Lavin who has persevered throughout the years to help the company realize this level of success.

Lavin continues to guide the company, and now has a strong sense of nurturing OSI Group’s sustainability and eco-conscious practices. He believes that OSI Group can continue to be a world recognized leader and use its influence to improve standard practices throughout the world. Today, at age 81, Sheldon still has a hands-on position with the firm and is excited about its future growth opportunities.

Always looking to give back, Lavin has been an active philanthropist for many decades. He is very involved with the Ronald McDonald House Charity, as well as many Jewish Charities. Lavin has long called Chicago home and continues to take an active role with many non profit organizations that focused on improving the lives of the residents of Chicago’s inner city.

While the operations continue to expand at OSI Group, Lavin keeps working to ensure that the important family atmosphere is maintained, as it is his belief that the success of OSI Group is in large part due to its employees.

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The fashion industry is not for the faint of heart. Succeeding in fashion is next to impossible with Amazon controls 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market. But somehow, Kate Hudson is doing just that. Having grown a $250 million business in just three years is all the evidence anyone needs to understand how successful Fabletics has become.

Fabletic’s foundation is based on customer satisfaction. It’s part of the reason that Fabletics is such a high-value brand. Back in the day, all a company needed was fair prices and good quality products. Today, consumers care about the extra features a company is willing to offer.

The overall atmosphere and service of Fabletics are what’s allowing it to thrive so furiously. With such immense success from their e-commerce site, Fabletics is now exploring physical stores. After the first year of opening, Fabletics established 16 stores and plans on opening more by the end of next year.

The one downside to opening physical stores is solving the problem of people wanting to shop online. A lot of people like walking around stores and looking, but they end up buying from another company online cheaper. To solve that problem, Fabletics introduced a strategy they call “reverse showrooming”.

Instead of going the pop-up store route, Fabletics focuses on building relationships and getting to know the local markets. They use that information to stock each store with items that they know people in that area will purchase.

As a result, the majority of people walking through their doors are already members. These events and other activities are a chance for newcomers to see what special features being a Fabletics member has to offer. In addition to the majority, another 25 percent of visitors end up becoming members in store.

As with any successful company, there are people trying to bring the brand down. Fortunately, there are people who speak for Fabletics, who are not sponsored by Fabletics in any way. One such reviewer stated that she would recommend Fabletics to someone who was truly interested in giving Fabletics a try.

One fact she pointed out about Fabletics is the ability to skip monthly payments. Anytime she doesn’t see something she wants, Fabletics allows its members to skip that month’s membership fee. So members only have to pay for the months they want to buy something.

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