Month: May 2016

Splashing Summer: How JustFab Turned Me Into a Fan

Posted by in Fashion Trends

Oh, summer, how wonderful it is for you to drop in and give me an opportunity to get fabulous with JustFab’s summer collection. You probably know how hard it is to find the right clothes for the summer. It has to be light enough yet still fun, loose, and with a touch of sexiness. This…

Venezuela Begins to Sell Gold Reserves to Save the Country

Posted by in Venezuela News

Venezuela continues to fight to hold the country together and feed its people, using gold reserves to pay off its debts. Presently as revealed by My Space, oil accounts for 95 percent of the country’s export earnings, and declining oil expenditures will undoubtedly show the earnings are drastically reducing. Financial expert Danilo Diaz is predicting…

Martin Lustgarten Offers Advice When Choosing an Investment Advisor

Posted by in Business Leaders, Investment Banking

Investment banking is the financial advice that is offered to more sophisticated institutions and individuals who have higher economic bases. Investment banks hire the investment bankers to offers such advice to their clients on their behalf. The investment banking sector can be divided into areas. It is commonly referred to as corporate finance. The segment…


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