Month: June 2016

Chaucer The Eurasier Eats All Three Different Flavors Of Beneful Originals

Posted by in Premium Dog Food

My dog is a Eurasier and his name is Chaucer. Chaucer is very calm, intelligent, and watchful. Chaucer is watchful in the way that he will observe anyone he doesn’t know coming towards my kids and me and make sure that they are a good person with good intentions. If Chaucer senses that the person…

Dick DeVos Making His Father Proud by Exalting His Company

Posted by in Philanthropy

I have always had a certain interest in successful entrepreneurs, and one of the persons that I have been following is Richard Marvin DeVos, Jr., though most just know him as Dick Devos. He is the son of Richard DeVos who is the co-founder of Amway. It is safe to say that Dick has a…

Luciana Lossio – Champion In More Than One Arena

Posted by in Brazil, Lawyers

Luciana Lossio is touted as a champion in both the world of law and in the equestrian community. Her distinguished career in law began in 1999 when Lossio graduated from the University of Brazil, passed the Brazilian Bar Exam and became Minister of the Superior Electoral Court. To add to her list of accomplishments, Lossio…

Twenty Three Layers Founder Jessica Boskoff Explains Her Own Style Choices

Posted by in Event Planners

Enjoying the best in style choices has been made easy for the clients of the impressive and very successful Twenty Three Layers company that has risen to the top of the event planning and design industry in NYC. Founder Jessica Boskoff has recently been giving a glimpse into her own career and design choices that…

The Contribution Made By Thor Halvorssen in Protection of Human Rights

Posted by in Activists, Human Rights Leaders

Promoting, advocating and advocating for human rights are one of the greatest things that human beings and corporations can do to ensure that the welfare of the people is taken care of. There are people who have committed their lives at ensuring that the fundamental rights and freedoms of other people are respected and upheld…


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