A Quick Look at OSI Group, the Most Successful Food Outlet Since 1909

OSI Group, LLC is a well-established food processing company that is involved in the production and selling of protein items as well as other food products to retail brands and foodservice. The food products from this company are meant for breakfast and lunch, side dishes, desserts, entrees, and snacks. Some of its most common products breakfast sausages, cooked beef, bacon, hot dogs, pork products, processed and raw chicken products, specialty sausages, and pizza among others.

Up to the year 2004, OSI Group, LLC was called OSI Industries, Inc. This company has a history that spans over a century having been founded in 1909. It has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois but the zonal offices are spread across various continents from the Americas to Europe all the way to the Asia Pacific. The manufacturing facilities of OSI Group are found in different countries across the world.

Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group, is a well-known figure in this company having worked here for over 40 years. In the 1970s, he was very instrumental to this company’s growth and tremendous success that it did experience. Lavin became a third partner in this company in the 1970s, and later on a half partner after buying his brother’s interest. When his second brother retired from the company, Mr. Lavin gained full voting control of OSI Group.

About 20 years ago, OSI Group ventured into China. Currently, it runs eight factories, and two other facilities are being set up so that this company is set to become the single-largest producer of poultry in this country. In September 2012, OSI invested in a mega-plant in Henan province, and this plant is for further processing. In China, OSI’s major clients include Yum, Saizeriya, McDonald’s, Subway, Starbucks, Burger King and Papa John’s.

As recently as December 2016, OSI Group bought Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe has for a long time been known to its clients as the best supplier of sous vide equipment, Oliver James pies and frozen poultry across the UK. It is also loved by many for its high-quality sauces, dressings, and mayonnaise.

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