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The Evolution of Brazil’s Legal Practice with Ricardo Tosto

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Brazil is a federal state governed by three arms of government, the Executive, the Legislature, and the Judiciary. The legislature formulates and passes laws while the executive approves and implement those rules. Conversely, the judiciary is the custodian of law, meaning it is responsible for interpreting the law. Brazil anchors all its regulations in the…

Hussain Sajwani The Remarkable Leader

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More people are coming into the limelight for their success. One such person is Hussain Sajwani, the Chairman and founder of DAMAC Properties. So did he start out there? No. He was a contracts manager at GASCO before branching out to open up his own company. He started out with offering catering services. His services…

Waiakea Water more than just water in a bottle.

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Waiakea Water is bottled water, but it’s not like every other bottle of water on the market. Waiakea water uses packaging that is renewable, and sustainable. It is the first bottled “water beverage in the world to be certified CarbonNeutral (R)”. They use packaging that is made out of 100 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate. It…

Karl Heideck On What It Takes To Become A Successful Lawyer

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The path to becoming a lawyer is long and difficult. Going through law school can take up to six years. Additionally, law schools teach only the basics of law. They do not teach students on the realities that they will face in the legal world. Karl Heideck, a lawyer based in Philadelphia, has some pointers…

Swiss Startup Factory Founder, Mike Baur’s Insight Into Rasing Young Entrepreneurs

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Mike Baur recently gave insight into raising young entrepreneurs, and what parents need to know. Baur is co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, a Zurich-based think tank that takes novice entrepreneurs and shapes them and their innovative ideas into the next big thing.   According to Mike Baur, as a parent, you inspire entrepreneurship by…

A Quick Look at OSI Group, the Most Successful Food Outlet Since 1909

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OSI Group, LLC is a well-established food processing company that is involved in the production and selling of protein items as well as other food products to retail brands and foodservice. The food products from this company are meant for breakfast and lunch, side dishes, desserts, entrees, and snacks. Some of its most common products…

The World Wonder Named George Soros

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An Impressive Future In the Financial World Money is a fast moving entity in the walls of “The Street.” It comes and goes, and as it does, the financial players called investors seek to retain as much as they can before the funds once again goes. This is a never-ending cycle and also a way…

Doe Deere’s Three Steps to Starting a Business

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Are you interested in starting your own business? Do you have a passion for something that you are willing to put a lot of time and energy into? If you have a passion for something, you can make money doing it. Actually, you can make a lot of money doing it. It takes a lot…

Sheldon Lavin Continues to Lead OSI Group to Many Successes

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Started in 1970, Otto & Sons, now OSI Group has gained worldwide recognition in the meat processing industry with Sheldon Lavin at the helm. This year, the CEO of OSI was recognized with the Global Visionary Award in 2016. Lavin is a seasoned professional in the meat and food processing industry and in a recent…

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Triumph

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The fashion industry is not for the faint of heart. Succeeding in fashion is next to impossible with Amazon controls 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market. But somehow, Kate Hudson is doing just that. Having grown a $250 million business in just three years is all the evidence anyone needs to understand how successful…

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