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The Legacy That Bruno Fagali Will Leave Behind In Law

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The manner in which a country is governed depends on among other things, the legal professionals who are there to shape and change the constitution. One of the greatest legal brains that Brazil has is Bruno Fagali. Bruno has a Masters in Law and is a specialist in administrative law. He is also actively involved…

A Trusted SEC Whistleblower Attorney Assists With Every Aspect Of Entering The Program

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Following the 2008 economic meltdown that brought about the biggest crash on the financial markets of the world since the Great Depression the U.S. Congress voted to enact the Dodd-Frank legislation; this bill co-authored by attorney Jordan A. Thomas not only brought in a series of new regulations, but also introduced a new whistleblower program…

Luciana Lossio – Champion In More Than One Arena

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Luciana Lossio is touted as a champion in both the world of law and in the equestrian community. Her distinguished career in law began in 1999 when Lossio graduated from the University of Brazil, passed the Brazilian Bar Exam and became Minister of the Superior Electoral Court. To add to her list of accomplishments, Lossio…


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