Doe Deere: A Quick Look into the Founder of Lime Crime

It has often been stated that entrepreneurs are born, and start-ups are made. In the case of Doe Deere, this statement holds true, given her history. Doe Deere is a pretty lady herself, and her business is centered on making other people look unapologetically beautiful.


Her Past


Doe Deere was born in Russia and moved to New York when she was 17. Her entrepreneurial spirit could be seen in her childhood. An example she quotes is a time when she was selling temporary tattoos to classmates. This was when she was 13, and still living in Russia. She employed the same business pattern that she uses to date in her make-up business: popularize the product, then sell it. Many of her classmates ended up buying the temporary tattoos as a result of her efforts in making the merchandise cool.


She lived in New York City from the year 1998 to 2012, after which she relocated to Los Angeles. In New York, she joined a band, a step which was in line with her little childhood dream of becoming a musician. Doe Deere also attended FIT in New York, where she majored in fashion design.


Lime Crime


She first registered Lime Crime in 2004 as an eBay account, and the company was finally launched in 2008. The company’s trademark was bright colors. Lime Crime is still known for bright make-up and hair colors; the same that Doe wears on a daily basis. This is actually the origin of her nickname: Queen of Unicorns. The company’s website is also themed in rainbow colors.


Doe Deere has forever been drawn to bright colors, and at the time, there were no companies producing light make-up. Her company was born out of a perfect combination of a market gap and personal inspiration.


The firm she started is centered on the belief that make-up should be worn unapologetically, and should make you feel good about yourself. According to her, makeup should be a way of expressing your true self, and not an escape from who you really are.


Doe Deere believes that the success Lime Crime has experienced is largely because she followed her heart and gave the world the best of her unique skills. According to her, you can only blossom and perform at the peak of your potential if you are in tune with your heart and understand your unique skills and qualities.


Currently, Lime Crime products are used by many girls who are bold enough to embrace their beauty with no fear of judgment.


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