Fabletics – Ensuring Women Get Top Notch Fitness Clothing for Reasonable Price

Fabletics is one of the most popular athleisure brands in the market today and is a rage among the youth. The company is co-owned by Kate Hudson, which has further helped in boosting the popularity of the brand among its audience. One of the key reasons why Fabletics has become so popular among the people in a short period is because it has a very attractive and affordable subscription model.


In this, the person who prefers items sold by Fabletics can become its VIP membership for a monthly fee and get huge discounts on the company’s product as well as fitness apparels on a monthly basis. The company sends out a mail with a list of personalized fitness clothing products that the members can choose from. Kate Hudson said one of the reasons behind starting Fabletics was to make people more health and fitness conscious, and also to provide people with athleisure products at more affordable prices. Kate Hudson says that there are many athleisure brands in the market, but Fabletics aims at providing the best quality products at the most reasonable prices, and it is why the company that started just three years back is now doing an annual business of over $250 million annually.


Kate Hudson believes that technology has played a significant role in the success of Fabletics as it helps the management to get crucial data from its marketing and branding efforts. It helps them with the decision-making process and see which products are working, and which ones are not. The products that are not popular among the customers are immediately taken off the shelves so that the customers only see the products that are liked. Moreover, the reverse showroom technique was successfully implemented by the company. It further consolidated the company’s position in the market.


In many cases, people just visit the showrooms and see the product they like and then buy a similar product online, but with the reverse showroom technique, chances of that happening are very less. It is because the company has already made a mark in the online retail business in the fashion world, and only after that, it decided to open physical stores in the country. Fabletics offers a personalized shopping experience to the customers and uses advanced technology to help customers find what they are looking for online with ease. People looking to experience the personalized shopping experience at Fabletics must take the Lifestyle Quiz offered at Fabletics’ website.

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