Innovation by Talk Fusion gets Awarded

Talk Fusion was established in 2007. Its founder & CEO is Bob Reina. The company has a strong commitment to Giving Back to the community, family, friends as well as animal charities all across the world.

Talk Fusion has come out with a revolutionary Video Chat option that has won the Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award for 2016. This is a cross-communication platform that is being recognized for its innovation and achievement in its industry.

Do note that this is not the first award for Talk Fusion. In fact, they have already won another award from the media giant, Technology Marketing Corporation, for 2016.

This is the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award that is meant to recognize exceptional achievement in the field of data, voice, as well as video communications. It can be for new products or great improvements in products and services over the last twelve months.

With this award, people come to know about the best products and services available in the world today with regard to communications solutions.

The WebRTC technology is being used for Talk Fusion Video Chat. This allows users to communicate with anyone, anywhere and through any device. This means that there can be face to face communication through a smartphone, desktop computer, tablet or even a laptop. This is a unique feature for businesses as well as for personal use. This means that the need for travel diminishes greatly. This would lead to a saving of resources in terms of time, money and effort. It would translate into higher savings for businesses.

People can remain in touch with each other in a better way. There is no need to buy new devices just for a Video Chat. This is an app that is available on the iTunes as well as Google Play Stores. Hence people can easily download it on their current device and begin using it. Technology Marketing Corporation understands well how this innovation is going to change the way business is being done today. This is why they have decided to award Talk Fusion for their Video Chat.

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