Karl Heideck On What It Takes To Become A Successful Lawyer

The path to becoming a lawyer is long and difficult. Going through law school can take up to six years. Additionally, law schools teach only the basics of law. They do not teach students on the realities that they will face in the legal world.

Karl Heideck, a lawyer based in Philadelphia, has some pointers that should be useful for an aspiring lawyers who are in law school.

The first thing a student in law school should do is check the requirements needed for the states where one intends to practice law in. Each states has its own requirements that must be met for one to practice law in that state. For example California requires one to pass the California Bar Exam, the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination and a pass or exemption for the First Year Law Students Exam. However if you intend to practice law in New York, one must do an essay and the multistate bar exam. Heideck advises student’s to research on all requirements needed for their state.

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The second pointer that is extremely important is that of networking. Students must ensure that they have made connections with practicing lawyers, teachers and their fellow students. After leaving school they must ensure they are in position to leverage the connections they made while still in school. Heideck advises one to ensure they interact with their connections face to face. This ensures that one is not forgotten and strengthens the significance of the relationship.

Karl Heideck is a lawyer based in the Philadelphia area. As of September, 2017 he is a team leader at Beacon Hill Staffing Group where he reviews various legal projects. Prior to working at Beacon Hill, Karl was a Project Attorney at Pepper Hamilton and a contract attorney at Hire Counsel. Heideck obtained his Law Degree from Temple University. He also has BA in English from Swarthmore College. Karl is an active and tech savvy lawyer. He writes blogs where advises new lawyers on what it takes to be successful in the law industry. He also offers analysis on important court rulings affecting the greater Philadelphia area.

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