Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Triumph

The fashion industry is not for the faint of heart. Succeeding in fashion is next to impossible with Amazon controls 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market. But somehow, Kate Hudson is doing just that. Having grown a $250 million business in just three years is all the evidence anyone needs to understand how successful Fabletics has become.

Fabletic’s foundation is based on customer satisfaction. It’s part of the reason that Fabletics is such a high-value brand. Back in the day, all a company needed was fair prices and good quality products. Today, consumers care about the extra features a company is willing to offer.

The overall atmosphere and service of Fabletics are what’s allowing it to thrive so furiously. With such immense success from their e-commerce site, Fabletics is now exploring physical stores. After the first year of opening, Fabletics established 16 stores and plans on opening more by the end of next year.

The one downside to opening physical stores is solving the problem of people wanting to shop online. A lot of people like walking around stores and looking, but they end up buying from another company online cheaper. To solve that problem, Fabletics introduced a strategy they call “reverse showrooming”.

Instead of going the pop-up store route, Fabletics focuses on building relationships and getting to know the local markets. They use that information to stock each store with items that they know people in that area will purchase.

As a result, the majority of people walking through their doors are already members. These events and other activities are a chance for newcomers to see what special features being a Fabletics member has to offer. In addition to the majority, another 25 percent of visitors end up becoming members in store.

As with any successful company, there are people trying to bring the brand down. Fortunately, there are people who speak for Fabletics, who are not sponsored by Fabletics in any way. One such reviewer stated that she would recommend Fabletics to someone who was truly interested in giving Fabletics a try.

One fact she pointed out about Fabletics is the ability to skip monthly payments. Anytime she doesn’t see something she wants, Fabletics allows its members to skip that month’s membership fee. So members only have to pay for the months they want to buy something.

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