Kim Dao Discuss Life in Japan Versus Life in Korea

Australian beauty and fashion YouTube personality Kim Dao recently released a video with fellow YouTuber Sunny Dahye in which she discusses the differences between living in Japan and living in Korea. The two video bloggers held a Q&A session and answered their fans’ funniest questions.

According to Kim Dao, Korea is growing on her after a bad experience in which she was scammed by a taxi driver. But thanks to Sunny Dahye’s friendship and hospitality, she has grown to love Korea, and now enjoys visiting around once or twice a year. She also talked about getting around in Korea and pointed out that it is relatively easy to communicate with people in Japanese or English. Kim Dao said that most people speak basic English and finding a Japanese speaker is not at all difficult, making it a less intimidating experience for travelers.


When asked about Japan, Kim Dao said that she’s not sure about the future quite yet, and doesn’t know how long she will stay in Japan. She did add that she would like to find out what it’s like to live in some other countries as she has only ever lived in Australia and Japan. Kim Dao feels it’s important to get your globetrotting done before marriage when it becomes much more difficult.


Both YouTubers have visited the United States before although Kim Dao has only been to Los Angeles and San Francisco. The two friends are excited about going back soon and planning a trip together to America.

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