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Squaw Valley came into the spotlight back in November when it was found that heavy rainfall in October caused a contamination in the wells that service the upper mountain. On November 8th it was found that the water contained E. coli and coliform bacteria however since then there have been steps to rectify the issue.


Officials then immediately made contact with the Placer County Environmental Health Department and the Squaw Valley Public Service District in order to come up with a solution to get the water systems back to normal levels. They also sought the advice of several water experts to ensure that they could solve the issue before allowing regular water access to continue.


The problem was found early thanks to routine testing and the water was not made available to the public. There were no reported health incidents and the water has been treated consistently in order to solve the issue as quickly as possible. Since the time that that it was discovered three of the four wells now have lower levels of coliform and even so far as to having no traces of E. coli.


This is good news for skiers as the resorts will maintain full access to the mountain and will provide bottled drinking water to all guests free of charge. However, it should be noted that restaurants on the upper mountain are still not open for business and will remained closed until officials can be certain that the water is safe to drink.



Australian beauty and fashion YouTube personality Kim Dao recently released a video with fellow YouTuber Sunny Dahye in which she discusses the differences between living in Japan and living in Korea. The two video bloggers held a Q&A session and answered their fans’ funniest questions.

According to Kim Dao, Korea is growing on her after a bad experience in which she was scammed by a taxi driver. But thanks to Sunny Dahye’s friendship and hospitality, she has grown to love Korea, and now enjoys visiting around once or twice a year. She also talked about getting around in Korea and pointed out that it is relatively easy to communicate with people in Japanese or English. Kim Dao said that most people speak basic English and finding a Japanese speaker is not at all difficult, making it a less intimidating experience for travelers.


When asked about Japan, Kim Dao said that she’s not sure about the future quite yet, and doesn’t know how long she will stay in Japan. She did add that she would like to find out what it’s like to live in some other countries as she has only ever lived in Australia and Japan. Kim Dao feels it’s important to get your globetrotting done before marriage when it becomes much more difficult.


Both YouTubers have visited the United States before although Kim Dao has only been to Los Angeles and San Francisco. The two friends are excited about going back soon and planning a trip together to America.

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One industry that has been seen to undergone a lot of change is the insurance industry. It is also one industry that has received stiff competition as each business enterprise aims at providing quality covers to various issues such as health, car, house, life, and education and so on. One of the leading health Insurance companies is the USHEALTH Group Inc that is being led by Troy McQuagge as its CEO and President. Leading such a large corporation requires you to be the best in what you to for the company to generate quality services and positive results.

Troy proves that he was the best in the industry when he was identified as the CEO of the year during one of the most prestigious celebration in the world, One Planet Award. The award is usually attended by some of the biggest personalities in the business industry considering it aims at rewarding the most innovative and excellent professionals and companies in the world. The award is conducted on yearly basis and organization regardless of their size or nature can participate. The award is not a matter of who leads the biggest firm or which business is big but rather who has excelled at his work and which company offers the best services.

Having been in the insurance industry for a very long, Troy has been able to learn one or two things that make him unique and outstanding. He joined the USHEALTH Group team in 2010 and had brought about growth and prosperity. Ever since he took the President and CEO position, the enterprise has recorded significant numbers of sales and profits something they had not registered for some time. The firm has grown ten times ever since Troy took over which proves that indeed he has done some excellent work.

His ability to offer solutions during complex situations was one of the reasons as to why he has become very successful. Being a leader means you should know when to take a risk and when to pull back, find out when to bring about change and when not to change. Having all these leadership qualities, Troy is proud of himself and what he has been able to achieve and is sure to take USHEALTH Group Inc to greater places.


As technology advances, many speculate that people will eventually stop meeting up in the real world. Everyone nowadays connects over the internet. Dating is no different. The one dating trend that kind of surprised the world is dating apps. Apps like Tinder and Bumble have introduced a new form of dating.

Unlike dating sites, which often cater to a single demographic, dating apps offer a wide variety of benefits. For a start, dating apps are faster and more efficient. Everyone has a cell phone nowadays and rarely use the computer. Apps are much easier to get to and offer short-and-sweet versions of what websites offer.

Dating apps also tend to connect to other apps. This allows users to share mutual friends, making any romantic connections seem more real. Unlike dating sites, which allow anyone to send a message to anyone, dating apps tend to only allow messages to be sent to people who “like” each other. Dating apps also display how far a possible interest is from the user’s current location.

Dating apps like Tinder, co-founded by Whitney Wolfe, offer a dating platform for the modern person. Whitney Wolfe is responsible for two of the most renowned dating apps, Tinder and Bumble. She was also named 2017’s Forbes 30 under 30. Whitney Wolfe’s career has skyrocketed since the launch of her dating apps.

In 2016, she was named Elle’s Women in Tech. Whitney Wolfe is also an incredibly educated woman. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, she attended the Southern Methodist University. When she was nineteen, she started her first business selling bamboo tote bags. Her tote bags profits went to aiding areas affected by the oil spill in the Gulf. After graduating, she worked with orphans in Southeast Asia.

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Warren Buffet has gambled a record $1 billion that he can attain more investment returns compared to a team of hedge fund managers by just putting his money in an S&P index fund. Even before the bet is decided, things seem to be working for Mr. Buffet.

Tim Armour’s sentiments on Mr. Buffet’s bet

According to Tim Armour, Mr. Buffet has made a wise bet since many unreliable and expensive funds focus on shortchanging investors. He supports Mr. Buffett’s dedication to investing in cost-effective and simple investments. Mr. Buffet has adopted a bottom-up investing approach, which entails thoroughly analyzing firms and creating a robust portfolio. This approach has generated tangible results for decades. Mr. Buffett has been on the forefront in enlightening Americans on the benefits of saving more for the retirement. He urges Americans to start investing while they are young so that they can attain financial freedom in the future.

Armour’s advice to investors

Armour advises investors to carry out extensive research before putting their money in any venture. He urges them to be cautious about product labels.

About Tim Armour

Tim Armour ascended to the Capital Group’s chairman post in July 2015 after the Jim Rothenberg, the former chair, passed on. He still leads the leadership team of Capital Research and Management Company as the CEO. He has earned a powerful spot in the alternative investment world as an accomplished equity portfolio manager. During his 32-year period at Capital Group, Armour has contributed a lot to the rapid expansion of the firm. He has ascended from an intern to a respected leader, responsible for the day-to-day management of Capital Group. Armour combines the knowledge he acquired during his time at Middlebury College as an economics student with his incomparable investment experience to help Capital Group’s management team make prudent investment decisions.

Todd Lubar is the current president at TDL Global Ventures, LLC a company located in Bethesda, Maryland. While growing up Todd Lubar went to the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC until later in 1987 when he joined The Peddie School in Hightstown NJ. In 1995 he graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A in speech and communication.

Todd Lubar launched into the Real Estate industry in 1995. According to, his first job is at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. In 1999 he joined the Legacy Financial Group and with his help the business grew a unit of over 100 million dollars a year in loan volumes. He later opened Charter Funding in 2003, one of the largest privately held mortgage in the US.

In 2005 he accepted a job as the Senior Vice President to Legendary Investments. He formed the Legendary Financial LLC which is an affiliate company to the Legendary property LLC. His involvement in over 7000 transactions allowed him sharpen his abilities to be able to analyze the overall risks of loans and be able to make appropriate decisions.

Todd consequently became involved with the Automotive Scrap Metal Recycling business whose success led to the company being traded in the Public Market Place. In addition, he got involved with businesses such as commercial demolition where he obtained huge contracts from large General Contractors in the country.

Todd has vast experience in business and this has helped him work in almost any environment. Todd currently resides in Bethesda Maryland. He has 2 beautiful children that live in Bethesda as well. Todd loves to add value to whomever he comes into contact ( with and at the present he has established an industry that is focused on helping people.

In 2012, movie star Kate Hudson launched Fabletics, her athletic apparel brand. The brand was based off of the “athleisure” trend, the fashion trend in which women wear athletic apparel as everyday wear. Hudson herself is a fan of the trend, sporting stylish workout gear on her Instagram account captioned with health and fitness tips.


However, Hudson has proven to be much more than a movie star and fitness fan capitalizing off of a fashion trend. Today, Fabletics sells more athletic apparel than e-commerce giant Amazon.


When Fabletics was launched, the company existed exclusively as an e-commerce website. The company follows a subscription service model, allowing customers to sign up to receive a full workout outfit each month for a monthly fee of $49.95. By signing up for this deal, they become VIP members. VIP members receive discounts on Fabletics items.


When Teri Hutcheon, the blogger behind, first visited the Fabletics website, she decided to sign up for the program in order to build her workout wardrobe. When she received her first outfit in the mail, she was immediately impressed by the quality of the clothes. Fabletics outfits use high-quality materials that can endure strenuous workouts.


Like Teri, thousands of fitness enthusiasts have joined the VIP membership program. Upon signing up, they are asked questions about what kind of workouts they like to do and what their fashion preferences are. Then, Fabletics conveniently picks out the outfits for the member. VIP members love the convenience of letting Fabletics do all the work.


Because of the success that this business model has brought to the company, Hudson decided to launch several physical stores throughout the country last year. She implemented the “reverse showroom” strategy that was made famous by Apple. This strategy uses physical stores to encourage customers to buy items online instead of the other way around. This strategy is an effective way to draw in customers who prefer to try things out before they buy. In the fashion retail industry, this strategy allows customers to try on items in person before ordering them on the website.


Fabletics stocks their stores with products based on online data gathered from the website. If certain items are selling well in one area of the country, Fabletics stores in that area will stock those items. Items that are trending on social media will be featured in a prominent section of the store.


When a customer tries on an item, that item then appears in their online shopping cart. Customers are also encouraged to become VIP members. So far, about 25 percent of customers who purchase an item in a Fabletics store become VIP members.


The strategy has paid off. Hudson is now planning to launch several more stores in different parts of the world over the next five years. The company is currently valued at $250 million and Hudson’s Instagram page, which is full of pictures of her wearing Fabletics clothing, has millions of followers. The success of Fabletics has proven that Kate Hudson is an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with.

So many people dream of working from home, but this dream is often shattered as there just not so many opportunities to work at home and make a healthy salary. But the Traveling Vineyard begs to prove otherwise. With this company it is actually possible to work at home and make a sustainable salary.

Traveling Vineyard History

The Traveling Vineyard opened its doors in the year 2001. This was the first direct wine sales company. It was established to give an opportunity for wine tasting lovers to thrive economically at their passion. Today, they hire wine guides from over 40 states and have market in all the 31 states that allowing direct selling.

Business Model

It is true, The Traveling Vineyard does pay. The guides are paid up to 35% of their sales. The company swears that most of their guides get an average of $90 for every event. However, you have the opportunity to maximize your sales. The more you get people to order their wines, the more you get paid. You can hire a team and earn more for each event that is successfully held.

How to Join

Joining the Traveling Vineyard is without red tape. All you need to do is signup and will be connected to a leader in your area to train you all about wine tasting. It is as easy as that. Once you think that the Traveling Vineyard has some serious chances of making you some money, then you can pay $189 and get your success kit to get you started.

Costs of Joining

The costs of joining the Traveling Vineyard are nothing compared to the benefits. The largest cost you incur is the $189 which is like your startup cost. And, with that amount you get goodies worth $290. You get 10 bottles of wine, glasses and a case, wine basket, wine accessories and marketing supplies to help create awareness. After this, you only pay $75 for each set of wine tasting requested. But not to worry because this amount can be earned back. Lastly is the $15.95 charged every month for website maintenance.

Perks of Joining The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is for everyone. Whether looking for a full-time job, part-time job or its just passion. Whatever it is to you, it is a chance for you to be empowered economically. You also get to network, travel and have some mad fun.

Jeffry Scheider is considered as one of the veterans of the alternative investment and financial services industry and is the founder of the globally renowned Ascendant Capital LLC, based in Austin. The space of alternative investment has seen a massive growth and widespread interest among the institutional and private investors in the recent years due to the diversification it adds to the portfolio, the return on the money it promises, and the stability it adds to the asset and investment management portfolio.



Jeffry Scheider was born and raised in Manhattan and studied Bachelors of Science from the University of Massachusetts. After her completing his studies, Jeffry worked with many different reputed financial services companies, including the Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, and Alex Brown. While working in these financial services firms, Jeffry got the first-hand knowledge of the financial sector and got an opportunity to develop in-depth knowledge about the world of alternative investments, which helped him take his career ahead.



While working at Axiom Capital Management, which Jeffry Scheider joined in 2002, he was involved in the structuring of the alternative investment tools to generate higher returns and also developed close ties with the hedge fund managers on whom he performed due diligence as part of his job. After working for two years with Axiom Capital Management, he joined Paradigm Global Advisors, which is another reputed financial giant renowned for its broad spectrum of financial services offerings.



Finally, in the year 2009, Jeffry pursued his long-standing dreams of starting his company and founded Ascendant Capital LLC. During the initial stages, Jeffry focused on alternative investment completely and real estate as its driving factor. He worked in association with Virtus Real Estate, and it eventually helped in the formation of six successful funds that collectively invested over $1.5 Billion in the real estate market.



Within just six years of formation, Ascendant Capital LLC has seen massive growth and grown into a company with just a handful of thirty employees now. The work culture at the company drives by transparency, open communication, goal-oriented and passion for alternative investment. It is this energy and enthusiasm as well as professionalism that Jeffry oozes himself that has helped the company’s employees to get aligned with the same objectives, and achieve excellence in their respective profiles.



Apart from being a guru in the alternative investment sphere and a thorough professional involved in the financial services sector, Jeffry is keenly interested, and practices fit and healthy lifestyle. He has professionally trained himself and competed in many marathons, including the Ironman Challenges, which consists of swimming, cycling and running for long distances and is not a cup of tea for everyone. Jeffry also loves traveling and has traveled extensively across the globe, including Croatia, Thailand, Hungary, Chile, and more.

Investing requires essential steps before beginning, these steps will lead to great success. Investing can be accomplished whether it is in foreign exchange or commodities. Therefore any person who wants to go down on the journey of investing requires a good investment plan at In the end you will be able to even retire successfully because of the money you’ve invested. Investing requires enough wisdom to make great choices thus having the amount you require to invest in.

Igor Cornelsen is a well-known investment banker who has recently retired. He is from Brazil. He specializes in giving advice on investing to starting investors as well as businesses. He has worked with big banking firms and one of them is at Bainbridge Inv Inc where he serves as a proprietor. Igor Cornelsen is a consultant who delivers assistance via his working experience and skills over the years. Creating long-term intellectual savings is one of his greatest skills that he passes on to people by advising them on how to do that especially in the random stock market.

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Bainbridge was started by Igor Cornelsen to train new entrepreneurs on the importance of business, how to portray a good image and being able to conquer any challenge in the business industry. The company was initiated to give detailed understanding and unique advice on upcoming investors so that they can be ready to start on investing on Furthermore, it guides them on how to initiate good plans that are long lasting.

Igor Cornelsen uses his skills as a financial profession and a field investor to guide different organizations in the US to aim higher especially in investment on Having frequent low fee cost of capital and making a low-risk investment is one of important advice that he gives to investors in order for them to accumulate their money all over a wide region. Therefore the important lesson is keeping your money on the watch so that you can use it in investing sparingly.

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