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The manner in which a country is governed depends on among other things, the legal professionals who are there to shape and change the constitution. One of the greatest legal brains that Brazil has is Bruno Fagali.

Bruno has a Masters in Law and is a specialist in administrative law. He is also actively involved in fields such as anti-corruption law, advertising law and parliamentary and electoral law. He is one of the most sought after brains in matters to deal with the constitution and the governance of the country in general.

Bruno Fagali started his law firm, the Fagali Advocacy a few years ago. Before starting this law firm, he had worked in some other legal institutions. Bruno has had a lot of experience in general legislation and practice and has also been involved in several instances of criminal judicial proceedings. The primary goal that he had in mind when he was starting his advocacy was to come up with a place where young and impressionable lawyers would be molded into responsible and well-seasoned attorneys who had the power and the experience needed to change the community.

Bruno Fagali believes that one of the best ways to deal with the rising interest in legal issues among the everyday citizens, and also the best way to handle their curiosity is changing some of the laws which are still a little crude to represent the interest of the masses. Bruno is the person to contact when you have a serious legal issue that you need to handle. Countless clients have reviewed him online, and they seem to agree on the one factor that Bruno Fagali is one of the most innovative legal minds that the country has ever seen. For this Brazilian lawyer, the sky is the limit.

Construction experts at Aloha Construction, Inc. announced their new interior restoration service in May. Now visitors to their site are able to get help from experts at Aloha Construction in less time.


Their newly designed website has developed to expedite the process of homeowners getting the help they need. The construction company’s President and CEO David Farbaky, says that the company is ecstatic about surpassing the 7,000 projects completed in 2013. In 2017, the company managed to complete 20,000 projects.


Farbaky says that the company goal for this year is to make life easier for Midwest residents by giving them more security in their home. The construction company is expanding and the new branch is called the Aloha Builds network. The new branch will center around interior restoration. Among the areas of focus are bathrooms, water extraction, basements, natural disaster aide, clean-up, and kitchen remodels.


Aloha Construction has provided remodels since 2008, but is adding onto their services after completed hundreds of kitchen and bathroom remodels. Based upon this knowledge and experience, the company is stepping forward to place a team of experts in the field. The new brand is scheduled to open its office near the Lake Zurich headquarters.


Aloha Construction is an A+ certified business by the Better Business Bureau. Based out of Berkeley, CA, Aloha provides more than 40 different services related to home construction, installation, repair, and remodeling. The average cost of one of Aloha Construction’s projects is $11,000.


The company specializes in all roof types, but has specific knowledge on cedar shake roofing. Aloha’s other specialities include; storm damage, vinyl siding, seamless gutters, wind damage, and flooding. The company has between 51 and 200 employees and is also fully bonded, licensed, and insured. Aloha Construction provides a 10 year craftsmanship warranty with all projects.

It has often been stated that entrepreneurs are born, and start-ups are made. In the case of Doe Deere, this statement holds true, given her history. Doe Deere is a pretty lady herself, and her business is centered on making other people look unapologetically beautiful.


Her Past


Doe Deere was born in Russia and moved to New York when she was 17. Her entrepreneurial spirit could be seen in her childhood. An example she quotes is a time when she was selling temporary tattoos to classmates. This was when she was 13, and still living in Russia. She employed the same business pattern that she uses to date in her make-up business: popularize the product, then sell it. Many of her classmates ended up buying the temporary tattoos as a result of her efforts in making the merchandise cool.


She lived in New York City from the year 1998 to 2012, after which she relocated to Los Angeles. In New York, she joined a band, a step which was in line with her little childhood dream of becoming a musician. Doe Deere also attended FIT in New York, where she majored in fashion design.


Lime Crime


She first registered Lime Crime in 2004 as an eBay account, and the company was finally launched in 2008. The company’s trademark was bright colors. Lime Crime is still known for bright make-up and hair colors; the same that Doe wears on a daily basis. This is actually the origin of her nickname: Queen of Unicorns. The company’s website is also themed in rainbow colors.


Doe Deere has forever been drawn to bright colors, and at the time, there were no companies producing light make-up. Her company was born out of a perfect combination of a market gap and personal inspiration.


The firm she started is centered on the belief that make-up should be worn unapologetically, and should make you feel good about yourself. According to her, makeup should be a way of expressing your true self, and not an escape from who you really are.


Doe Deere believes that the success Lime Crime has experienced is largely because she followed her heart and gave the world the best of her unique skills. According to her, you can only blossom and perform at the peak of your potential if you are in tune with your heart and understand your unique skills and qualities.


Currently, Lime Crime products are used by many girls who are bold enough to embrace their beauty with no fear of judgment.


To learn more, please visit


Fabletics is one of the most popular athleisure brands in the market today and is a rage among the youth. The company is co-owned by Kate Hudson, which has further helped in boosting the popularity of the brand among its audience. One of the key reasons why Fabletics has become so popular among the people in a short period is because it has a very attractive and affordable subscription model.


In this, the person who prefers items sold by Fabletics can become its VIP membership for a monthly fee and get huge discounts on the company’s product as well as fitness apparels on a monthly basis. The company sends out a mail with a list of personalized fitness clothing products that the members can choose from. Kate Hudson said one of the reasons behind starting Fabletics was to make people more health and fitness conscious, and also to provide people with athleisure products at more affordable prices. Kate Hudson says that there are many athleisure brands in the market, but Fabletics aims at providing the best quality products at the most reasonable prices, and it is why the company that started just three years back is now doing an annual business of over $250 million annually.


Kate Hudson believes that technology has played a significant role in the success of Fabletics as it helps the management to get crucial data from its marketing and branding efforts. It helps them with the decision-making process and see which products are working, and which ones are not. The products that are not popular among the customers are immediately taken off the shelves so that the customers only see the products that are liked. Moreover, the reverse showroom technique was successfully implemented by the company. It further consolidated the company’s position in the market.


In many cases, people just visit the showrooms and see the product they like and then buy a similar product online, but with the reverse showroom technique, chances of that happening are very less. It is because the company has already made a mark in the online retail business in the fashion world, and only after that, it decided to open physical stores in the country. Fabletics offers a personalized shopping experience to the customers and uses advanced technology to help customers find what they are looking for online with ease. People looking to experience the personalized shopping experience at Fabletics must take the Lifestyle Quiz offered at Fabletics’ website.

Venezuelan-born activist Thor Halvorssen has devoted much of his life to championing the causes of freedom and human rights. Halvorssen’s inspiration came from his parents, whom stood up to tyranny through most of his childhood.

In 2005, Thor Halvorssen founded and serves as the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Human Rights Foundation, a New York City-based organization. During the Foundation’s 12 years in existence, it has advocated for the release of political prisoners, challenged oppressive governments that foster hatred and intolerance amongst minorities and challenged celebrities and political leaders who have associated with or profited from relationships with dictators and other human rights violators.

The success of the Human Rights Foundation motivated Halvorssen, in 2009, to establish the Oslo Freedom Foundation, which offers a forum for human rights defenders to share ideas and formulate new and innovative human rights advocacy campaigns. Also in 2009, Halvorssen became Patron of the Children’s Peace Movement. This organization fosters relationships between young people in western nations and those hailing from war torn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Halvorssen’s work has made him a leading authority on human rights issues. He has authored articles for such notable publications as Time Magazine, The Atlantic and The Huffington Post. In addition, Halvorssen has appeared on major television news programs in the United States and across the world.

Halvorssen has also successfully branched into the film industry. Works he has produced have featured prominent actors and examined topics like the Soviet dictatorship and the political biases seen at American universities. However, the work which garnered Halvorssen the most critical acclaim and public scrutiny was “The Sugar Babies,” which studies the issue of human trafficking.

Do you like to have a nice glass of wine every now and then? A lot of people like to have a small snack and a glass of chilled refreshing wine while watching the late news just before going to bed.

You can make some money by drinking wine, too. There is a company called Traveling Vineyard, and you can make money with Traveling Vineyard. All you have to do is have a party.

When you host a wine party, you can invite your friends and their friends, family, and whoever might be interested in tasting wines.

Read more on Crunchbase.

A Traveling Vineyard wine specialist or associate will provide a success kit that will contain everything that you need to have a successful wine tasting party. They will provide the party invitations, the wines, the snacks to go with the wines, and everything else that will make your party a success. In fact, they will provide you with order forms. All you need to bring is a pen to fill out the order forms. Your friends will taste the wines, and they will likely buy some. Wine sales, studies have shown, are mostly impulse buys. People do not go to the store for a bottle of wine. They pass by it, look at it, pick it up, and buy it on impulse.

Think of the kind of sales you can have when a person comes to a party knowing that they are going to be tasting the wine and can buy it! There is no hard sale, and no sales pitch. The wines sell themselves.

Then, ask a friend to host a wine tasting party, and invite their friends. You can see how lucrative this can be. It is a home based business with the potential of being quite a success. Why not contact Traveling Vineyard today?

For more details about Traveling Vineyrad, just click here.

Forbes posted an article recently that showcases the ups and downs of startup businesses. It talks about the world of online marketing and having a strong Internet reputation. It dives deep into the ideas and questions that newbies have when it comes down to making sure their reputation is on point, and whether that needs to be done or not. Is there actually a ROI when it comes down to creating a quality reputation online? The article answers the question in a very strong manner pointing out that it’s not about what you will earn back but more so about what you can avoid.

The article that can also be found on, dives deep on what it means to deal with negative reviews and how a single bad comment about your company can drown out all the positive reviews you receive. You need to be on the lookout for what to avoid and what to make sure you do right when it comes down to having a plan. Knowing how to respond to such negative comments and even how to hide them from the world can all help tremendously on keeping your brand safe and in the right hands. Forbes wrote this article to help showcase what the formula is on whether this is the kind of marketing you need.

By the end of the piece, it was very clear that you do want to use reputation management marketing as a means to keep your company safe. The reason behind that is the fact that there are countless different ways negative online comments that can bring your company in a negative spiral. Reputation management is all about knowing how to deal with your brand’s ups and downs, and the key is to realize that you need to stop others from degrading your business.

Working with a management firm in this field will help you yield a customized plan to work on building the company you have. You want to have a professional group of people come up with a plan to help your company stay positively respected in the eyes of consumers around the globe every day.

Talk Fusion was established in 2007. Its founder & CEO is Bob Reina. The company has a strong commitment to Giving Back to the community, family, friends as well as animal charities all across the world.

Talk Fusion has come out with a revolutionary Video Chat option that has won the Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award for 2016. This is a cross-communication platform that is being recognized for its innovation and achievement in its industry.

Do note that this is not the first award for Talk Fusion. In fact, they have already won another award from the media giant, Technology Marketing Corporation, for 2016.

This is the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award that is meant to recognize exceptional achievement in the field of data, voice, as well as video communications. It can be for new products or great improvements in products and services over the last twelve months.

With this award, people come to know about the best products and services available in the world today with regard to communications solutions.

The WebRTC technology is being used for Talk Fusion Video Chat. This allows users to communicate with anyone, anywhere and through any device. This means that there can be face to face communication through a smartphone, desktop computer, tablet or even a laptop. This is a unique feature for businesses as well as for personal use. This means that the need for travel diminishes greatly. This would lead to a saving of resources in terms of time, money and effort. It would translate into higher savings for businesses.

People can remain in touch with each other in a better way. There is no need to buy new devices just for a Video Chat. This is an app that is available on the iTunes as well as Google Play Stores. Hence people can easily download it on their current device and begin using it. Technology Marketing Corporation understands well how this innovation is going to change the way business is being done today. This is why they have decided to award Talk Fusion for their Video Chat.

‘Beyond the Darkness’ is the new radio talk show under PodcastOne network managed by Norman Pattiz, the Founder/ Chairman of America’s leading advertising network; PodcastOne. Norman Patizz announced the new show featuring on WWE celebrity Chris Jericho’s podcast.

It will highlight fresh, entertaining, radio content with prominent researchers and experienced guests talking about ghosts, demons, and all kinds of evil mysteries. Beyond the Darkness, hosts comprise writer /radio host Dave Schrader and host/radio producer Tim Dennis. New episodes will air every Monday on the PodcastOne app,, and iTunes.

“Chris is famed as one of the best creative’s of PodcastOne network,” noted Mr. Pattiz. “When he launched Jericho Network, we predicted it would progress beyond wrestling. He’s developed brilliant comedians, and now introduces a brand new concept of the mystical world with Beyond the Darkness.”

Chris Jericho expressed his excitement and gratitude as he publicized the inclusion of Beyond the Darkness to The Jericho Network under PodcastOne. “Dave and Tim are top creams in the paranormal broadcasting field; they hold a huge following that trusts them in the specialized subject matter.

I totally foresee Beyond the Darkness garnering massive ready listeners on The Jericho Network, and scare them beyond their imagination while at it. The two radio host presenters are a network’s nightmare!” said Chris.

About Norman Patizz

According to Bloomberg, Norman Pattiz is the Founder of Westwood One, America’s biggest radio network provider. It airs various talk shows, traffic programming, news, entertainment, and sports.

Westwood One managed and distributed several local networks including CNN Radio, NBC Radio Networks, CBS News, the MBS, NCAA Basketball, NFL Football, The Super Bowl, March Madness, and The Olympic Games.

In 2010, Pattiz launched Courtside Entertainment Group in 2011 and recently created PodcastOne, the top podcast sales, and marketing network. In 2000, and 2002, both former President Clinton and President Bush, twice selected Mr. Pattiz to serve on the American Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG).

The BBG manages all the nonmilitary distribution services, including VOA, Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe, and Middle East Broadcasting among others. He also helped launch Americas Arabic l radio and television services to the Middle East including Farsi broadcasting to Iran. The networks reach weekly spectators to a tune 40 million listeners.

In 2009, Norman Pattiz was honored at the Radio Hall of Fame and received a Broadcasting Award from the American Broadcasting Group.

Learn more about Norman Pattiz:


Squaw Valley came into the spotlight back in November when it was found that heavy rainfall in October caused a contamination in the wells that service the upper mountain. On November 8th it was found that the water contained E. coli and coliform bacteria however since then there have been steps to rectify the issue.


Officials then immediately made contact with the Placer County Environmental Health Department and the Squaw Valley Public Service District in order to come up with a solution to get the water systems back to normal levels. They also sought the advice of several water experts to ensure that they could solve the issue before allowing regular water access to continue.


The problem was found early thanks to routine testing and the water was not made available to the public. There were no reported health incidents and the water has been treated consistently in order to solve the issue as quickly as possible. Since the time that that it was discovered three of the four wells now have lower levels of coliform and even so far as to having no traces of E. coli.


This is good news for skiers as the resorts will maintain full access to the mountain and will provide bottled drinking water to all guests free of charge. However, it should be noted that restaurants on the upper mountain are still not open for business and will remained closed until officials can be certain that the water is safe to drink.



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