Sheldon Lavin Continues to Lead OSI Group to Many Successes

Started in 1970, Otto & Sons, now OSI Group has gained worldwide recognition in the meat processing industry with Sheldon Lavin at the helm. This year, the CEO of OSI was recognized with the Global Visionary Award in 2016. Lavin is a seasoned professional in the meat and food processing industry and in a recent interview stated that he was humbled by this recognition. India’s World Vision Academy chose Lavin for his leadership abilities and the culture that he has been able to foster at OSI Group.

In addition to being a global success in food product and meat processing industries, OSI Group is known for its family-like culture that has been the result of CEO Sheldon Lavin’s approach to running the firm. When Lavin took over the helm of OSI it was a modest and small meat processing company with very little reach. Today, the OSI Group is a global success story with more than 60 locations within 16 countries. This growth is due to the hard work and diligence of Lavin who has persevered throughout the years to help the company realize this level of success.

Lavin continues to guide the company, and now has a strong sense of nurturing OSI Group’s sustainability and eco-conscious practices. He believes that OSI Group can continue to be a world recognized leader and use its influence to improve standard practices throughout the world. Today, at age 81, Sheldon still has a hands-on position with the firm and is excited about its future growth opportunities.

Always looking to give back, Lavin has been an active philanthropist for many decades. He is very involved with the Ronald McDonald House Charity, as well as many Jewish Charities. Lavin has long called Chicago home and continues to take an active role with many non profit organizations that focused on improving the lives of the residents of Chicago’s inner city.

While the operations continue to expand at OSI Group, Lavin keeps working to ensure that the important family atmosphere is maintained, as it is his belief that the success of OSI Group is in large part due to its employees.

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