Water Quality Improves in Squaw Valley


Squaw Valley came into the spotlight back in November when it was found that heavy rainfall in October caused a contamination in the wells that service the upper mountain. On November 8th it was found that the water contained E. coli and coliform bacteria however since then there have been steps to rectify the issue.


Officials then immediately made contact with the Placer County Environmental Health Department and the Squaw Valley Public Service District in order to come up with a solution to get the water systems back to normal levels. They also sought the advice of several water experts to ensure that they could solve the issue before allowing regular water access to continue.


The problem was found early thanks to routine testing and the water was not made available to the public. There were no reported health incidents and the water has been treated consistently in order to solve the issue as quickly as possible. Since the time that that it was discovered three of the four wells now have lower levels of coliform and even so far as to having no traces of E. coli.


This is good news for skiers as the resorts will maintain full access to the mountain and will provide bottled drinking water to all guests free of charge. However, it should be noted that restaurants on the upper mountain are still not open for business and will remained closed until officials can be certain that the water is safe to drink.



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